NB! If your studies start in fall 2017, please order your card starting from July 1st 2017!

The student card (plastic or digital) is your means of proving that you're a student in Finland in all situations necessary. With it you can access all discounts of your own student group (e.g. train and bus discounts, student-priced meals etc.), and all of Frank's national deals, which you can find on this site.

In addition, combining your card with an international ISIC-card you will get access to student discounts abroad and student priced flights, too. The ISIC card can only be combined to a student card with a payment ability. In order to get the student card with the payment ability, you need a Finnish ID-number and a Finnish phone number

Now you can order a MasterCard Gold credit card from Aktia bank at the same time with your student card! With the MasterCard Gold card you get flexibility and security to your daily needs and also get a 15,10 € discount on the price of your student card, when choosing the MC Gold along with your student card order. NB! To order Aktia MC Gold credit card, you need a Finnish ID number, a Finnish bank account and a Finnish address. Please note, that you don't need credits or to be employed to apply for the credit card!

NB If you have a Finnish student card that is not produced by Frank (Lyyra-card, Antenna-card etc) you don't need to order a new card - just update a valid term sticker to your current card.

Pick your own student group and read more about your card options!


To use Frank’s student discounts, you must register to the website. Registering to the site does not mean you have ordered the student card.

To register, you must be studying in Finland and a member of your own student union. Your student status will be verified automatically each time you log in to the service.