Hey there, University or UAS student!

The student card orders are on a summer break, and will be back in July with an even more versatile selection (including a totally free student card - stay tuned)!

Are you an active student in Spring 2017 and a member of your student union? . You can activate your digital student card in Frank App and enjoy the student benefits throughout the summer. You can also buy a digital ISIC-licence in the app for just 3 € (valid 12 months) and get the discounts also abroad.

Do you want to order an Aktia MasterCard Gold -credit card? You can get it here

Are you starting your studies in fall 2017? You can order a student card starting from July, and the cards will be delivered in August, when your study right begins officially. You can also start using Frank App in August.

Would you like us to notify you when you can order a plastic student card again? Please leave us you email here!


To use Frank’s student discounts, you must register to the website. Registering to the site does not mean you have ordered the student card.

To register, you must be studying in Finland and a member of your own student union. Your student status will be verified automatically each time you log in to the service.